NBK Customers Save on Shipping






The Best of USA Shopping in One Box

Consolidate multiple orders into one package and save up to 80% on final shipping costs—without a membership fee.

  1. Shop for the best price at any USA retailer
  2. Ship multiple items in one box
  3. Store items for free for the first 45 days
  4. Avoid pricey dimensional weight
  5. In addition,  NBK Customers do not have to pay any consolidation fees, an additional savings of 10%.

How Consolidation Works

Step 1 - Request

Request Stackry to consolidate multiple items into one package—online at any time.

Step 2 - Consolidate

A Stackry shipping expert repackages all your items to fit in one conveniently sized package. We notify you once the consolidation is finished.

Step 3 - Save

Your items ship together in one box at a dramatically reduced delivery fee. Lock in the lowest delivery price even when you shop at multiple stores.

Sample Savings

Retailer individual shipments FINAL DESTINATION
Total shipping cost
Stackry individual shipments FINAL DESTINATION
Total shipping cost
Consolidated shipments FINAL DESTINATION
Total shipping cost


44% SAVINGS without consolidation
80% SAVINGS with consolidation


How it works

1 Sign-up
for a free US address
2 Use your US address to
shop at your favorite US retailer
3 We receive your packages in your
Stackry locker
4 Consolidate and ship your packages to your
home address (You can save up to 80% on international shipping by consolidating multiple packages)
5 Receive your shipment
within a few days

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