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What is the best way to shop Etsy from outside the United States?


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More and more international customers are shopping Etsy but shipping costs and sellers' lack of experience shipping internationally can make the process more expensive and difficult than it needs to be.

Many international shoppers are interested in buying from different Etsy and Ebay sellers. This would mean each package would have to get shipped internationally which can get really expsensive. Stackry's sophisticated consolidation capabilities can help international customers save over 80% versus shipping packages one at a time.

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There are a number of benefits of a Stackry account

  1. Your personal Stackry locker allows international buyers to shop a variety of stores in the U.S. and have their purchases shipped within the U.S.
  2. It does not matter if a seller ships internationally or not - you will have your own U.S. address to ship items to.
  3. With 45 days free storage and low consolidation costs you can save considerable money on international shipping. We have customers that save over 80% on retail shipping prices by consolidating their multiple purchases into one box for final delivery
  4. We can help you with all the rules and regulations on international shipping. Our company has been shipping internationally for over 30 years. That experience ensures you get the best service to ensure your purchases arrive safely and securely.

Most U.S. Stores Don't Ship to International Destinations. Stackry Will Help You!

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Etsy has so many unique items that aren't available everywhere

Etsy is growing quickly and more and more international shoppers want to buy form Etsy sellers but unfortunately not all Etsy sellers will ship internationally and those that do often charge very high prices.

Stackry Makes it Easy for International Shoppers

Here's a real example of how Stackry helps you shop at as many online stores in the USA as you want even if your shipping address is outside of the US.

A shopper from Saudi Arabia recently purchased a number of items from Etsy and Ebay:

Hard to find Mercedes parts from Ebay

Customer made hand bag for his wife on Etsy

A number of XBOX 360 games for his son from Ebay

Because he had recently registered with Stackry, he was able to ship each item to his own personal USA mailing address in the state of New Hampshire.

The experts at Stackry consolidated all four packages into one and delivered it quickly to this online shopper's home address in Saudi Arabia, at a cost of only $105.

If the shopper had tried to get each item mailed directly from the sellers it would have cost over $300.

He registered with Stackry and saved well over 50% on retail shipping rates.