Best Summer Steals & Deals – Save Now Before They’re Gone

Saying goodbye to summer is never easy, but one way to ease your pain is all the end-of-season steals and deals! The sheer number of end-of-summer sales is a bit overwhelming, so we’re offering a few tips to help you navigate them. Plus, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite sales that you won’t want to miss out on.


1. Know what you want. Planning is key when it comes to shopping the end-of-summer sales. If you already have an idea in mind of what you’d like to buy, it makes it much easier to avoid impulse purchases. Additionally, if there’s something you’ve been eyeing for awhile and its price is finally come down - now’s the time to buy. 


2. Don’t have your size? Too bad. We all know that disappointing feeling when you go to buy a dress you’ve wanted for what seems like forever…and they don’t have your size. Ugh, cue the eye roll. It could be worse though. Luckily, tailors still exist today. If worst comes to worst, you can buy the dress a size up and have it adjusted. If the discount is deep enough, it might just be worth the effort and cost for alterations.


3. Set a budget and stick to it. Once you start shopping, it’s pretty easy to slip into shopping mode all. day. long. While that’s super fun for your closet, it’s not so fun for your wallet. So, avoid the pain by figuring out how much you can (and should) spend and then stick to your budget. Top tip: Look for sales with the deepest discounts, 50 percent off or higher.


4. Sweaters, jackets, and coats oh my. While it may seem silly to purchase a heavy sweater or leather jacket during still warm fall days, it’s the perfect time to do so. They’re technically not quite “in season” yet, so you may be able to find a few early-season deals ahead of everyone else.


5. Invest in yourself and your wallet. As gorgeous as those Prada shoes and Gucci bags are, it can sometimes be difficult to convince yourself to click "buy." There are sales to be had though, so if you’re in the mood to splurge or if you have a bit more budget to allocate, go ahead and treat yourself! Your love for the item will endure for years to come, and luxury brands have proven resale value.


Now that you’ve got the tips on how to approach summer sales, here are a few happening in the next few weeks.


Lulus Summer Fashion

From maxi dresses to rompers to tank tops and more, Lulus has just about everything you could be looking for. Not only will you look gorgeous come next summer by stocking up on some of their deals, but you can also use a few pieces in your fall wardrobe too. How, you ask? We already got you covered here (link to summer to fall wardrobe blog post).


Neiman Marcus

Get excited because Neiman Marcus is having summer sales of up to 75 percent off – say what? Yup, believe it because it’s happening. A few items we recommend taking a look at are their jeans, cross body bags, stylish tanks that can be paired with a cozy cardigan for the next few cooler months. 


The Today Show

In the mood to shop, but not sure where to start when it comes to summer sales? The Today show highlighted some of the items you should think about purchasing at the end of summer. The list includes patio furniture, laptops, air conditioners, and a few other items that are too good to pass up on if you’re looking to save some money.


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