5 Ways to Effortlessly Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Saying goodbye to these last few days of summer will not be easy. We’ll miss the warmth of the sun, driving to get ice cream with the windows down, and feeling a bit more relaxed most of the time.  However, what will be easy is making the changeover from your summer to fall wardrobes by swapping out – or adding in, key pieces. Here’s a

Shoes: Sandals to Ankle Booties

While summer is for gladiator sandals and flip flops, fall is for all the adorable ankle bootie and there is no shortage of them this year, that’s for sure. Nordstrom has numerous styles and colors available that can take any outfit from beachy to cozy chic in an instant. 

Jackets: Denim Never Goes Out of Style

So, one of the reasons we love fall style is that we get to bring back jackets and have fun with layering looks – and our go-to is the denim jacket. It’s a perennial classic that has stood the test of time. From distressed to patchwork to vintage and more, Forever21 has plenty of options to choose from that’ll keep you warm and fashionable. 

Dresses: Lifesaver Leggings

As much as it will pain us to say goodbye to our flowy sundresses for a few months, styling shorter, knee-length summer dresses is simple come fall time – all you need is a good pair of leggings. American Eagle is offering a variety of leggings, including high waisted ones, mesh, and even ripped for an edgier look. Layer your favorite dress over a pair of leggings with a jean jacket on top for casual and cute autumn look. 

The Ultimate Fall Favorite: Cozy Cardigans

Don’t lie – we all know that the main reason everyone loves fall is because of the amazingly comfortable (like as comfortable as a fuzzy blanket) cardigans that we get to wear. Cardigans are key for getting any wardrobe ready for fall. Pair a lengthy one with a casual tank top, cropped jeans, and some fashion sneakers and you’re good to go! Once again, Nordstrom had quite a few that caught our eye. 

Summer Sneaks: Staying in Style

We mentioned ankle booties earlier, but we can’t forget sneakers. Plus, this is one of the easiest switches you’ll make from summer mode to fall mode.  Why? Because they stay the same! If you own a pair of Converse, then you’re all set. While summer t-shirt dresses look great with the white-out sneakers, so do a pair of distressed jeans and an off the shoulder sweater. Plus, they’re too comfy to pass up!

See…we told you making the switch from summer to fall fashion would be a breeze. All you need to do is add a sweater (and maybe a few other things). So, pick out your favorite one - or add all five! And Stackry make shipping them overseas super simple.

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