The Best of the Best in Beach Tech

Summer is sure in full swing and that means plenty of trips to the beach – cue beach volleyball, sandy feet, and relaxation nation. Luckily, there are a few gadgets around now that are super beach friendly and can make your seaside getaway even better. Thrillist compiled a list of the top gadgets in the game, and we broke it down to share the best of the best with you. 

UE Roll 2 Speaker from Ultimate Ears

While listening to the sound of ocean waves crashing against the shore can be soothing, it’s often muffled out by the sound of screaming children, screeching seagulls, and other not-so-relaxing noises. That’s where the UE Roll 2 Speaker from Ultimate Ears comes in. Tiny, portable, and waterproof, this saucer shaped speaker will help tune everything out all day long with its lasting battery life and superior audio quality. 

Mophie Powerstation XL Backup Battery from Mophie

By now, we all know one of the worst things is a dead phone. So, save yourself the anxiety of missing what’s going on in the social media world by tossing the Mophie Powerstation XL Backup Battery into your beach bag. Its ability to charge a device three times over will ensure that you stay phone happy all day long. 

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The Kindle from Amazon

Ever bring a book to the beach, and when you open it back up in the room later a bunch of sand falls out? Not fun. Thankfully, The Kindle, Amazon’s digital eReader, can save you from that. It’s lightweight, glare free, and has storage room for all your books. Happy reading bookworms!

Cymas Full HD 1080p Action Camera from Amazon

If you’re not ready to drop a chunk of change on a GoPro to capture all your sweet, sunny beach adventures, the Cymas Full HD 1080p Action Camera is your next best bet. Comparable to the GoPro, you can still get plenty of wide-angle shots. Plus it’s durable and waterproof, so it’ll stand up to all your adventures.

GoTenna Text & GPS Antenna from GoTenna

Next to a dead phone, not having any cellular service is next up on the list of today’s first world problems. No one wants to look like a weirdo standing on top of his or her beach cooler searching for a signal, so GoTenna Text & GPS Antenna will save you that embarrassment. Sold in pairs, you link the GoTenna up to two individual phones to send your texts and location – it’s basically like your modern-day walkie-talkie. Sweet!

Sandless Beach Mat from Hammacher

Technically not a gadget, but this was too cool not to include – the Sandless Beach Mat is a game changer. Its polyurethane material filters any sand that lands on top out of the bottom, while also repelling water, dirt, and other small nitty gritty objects. Plus, it’ll save you from tracking a bunch of sand back to the car and house. Trust us; you don’t want to miss out on this one. 

Laughing Lion Dry Bag from Amazon

Since we’re sharing a bunch of techy gadgets, we figured it would also be a good idea to share smart ways to keep them all sand and water free. That’s where the Laughing Lion Dry Bag comes in – this floating nylon bag is waterproof. Plus, it will keep sand out of your phone’s nooks and crannies and will help keep all your other accessories safe. 

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